Survey: Young people in the European Quarter

Dear friends and members of the GAQ,  

We are launching a survey aimed at young people in the European Quarter. Do you have children or relatives between 12 and 18? Do you hang out with teenagers in your neighbourhood? Do your grandchildren visit you from time to time? Do you lead or coordinate youth groups? Their opinion on the European Quarter interests us! We would appreciate if you could invite them to participate in our online survey. Here is the link to the survey:

Young people in the European Quarter This survey is aimed at young people between 12 and 18 who live or hang around in the European Quarter. It is carried out by the GAQ asbl – European Quarter Committee ( The results will be published in the GAQ magazine Infor-Quartier in September 2021. In accordance with the RGPD, the data will be processed anonymously and collectively; there will be no storage or processing of personal data. (Drawing by Benjamin Baret)

Thank you for your collaboration. 

Kind regards,  

Your neighbourhood committee